What is Computing?

At Arista we will help you to determine whether optimizing your existing network or investing in a new network is best for your organization.

Whether your enterprise is large or small, we are here to get to know your goals and challenges, recommend innovational solutions, and improve your employee productivity and profit margins.

Whether your solution is better in the cloud or on-prem, let us help you connect for success!

Our Process

  • Solution partner or trusted advisor

  • Help develop the high level design and architecture

  • Overall Project Plan

  • Develop Statement of Work or RFP

  • Embedding process

  • Solution partner or trusted advisor (Oversee)

  • Help gather business and technical requirements

  • Develop detailed design documentation

  • Project Task Management Plan

  • Solution partner or Trusted advisor (Oversee)

  • Here to deliver a solution!

  • Provide remote or onsite resources to implement solution

  • Provide you the final as built documentation

  • Solution partner or trusted advisor(Oversee)

  • Ongoing support services

  • Helpdesk

  • Break/ Fix

  • Auditing Services