What is Wireless?

At Arista we can help design a more cleaner and practical wireless solution that will be easier for you to manage.  Let us remove your spaghetti wiring nightmare.  

Our Process

  • Solution partner or trusted advisor

  • Help develop the high level design and architecture

  • Overall Project Plan

  • Develop Statement of Work or RFP

  • Embedding process

  • Solution partner or trusted advisor (Oversee)

  • Help gather business and technical requirements

  • Develop detailed design documentation

  • Project Task Management Plan

  • Solution partner or Trusted advisor (Oversee)

  • Here to deliver a solution!

  • Provide remote or onsite resources to implement solution

  • Provide you the final as built documentation

  • Solution partner or trusted advisor(Oversee)

  • Ongoing support services

  • Helpdesk

  • Break/ Fix

  • Auditing Services